10 Tips For Better Guitar Playing

10 Tips For Better Guitar Playing


It takes hard work and dedication to the learn guitar and no matter how much time and effort you put into your practicing techniques, you will not become a good guitar player without these fundamental skills. Here are a few tips that will help you develop your skills and learn to play with more efficiency and passion.

#1 Have Patience

Everybody learns things at a different pace and the beginning guitarist is no different. Prepare for a struggle that you are sure is going to be difficult because you will be facing various obstacles that you need to overcome. Don’t get discouraged by these obstacles and think that you can’t do it. You can overcome them with patience and determination.

#2 Use Your Guitar Pick In An Relaxed Way

While you are practicing the guitar and certain techniques, don’t use your guitar pick to great effect. This is the first thing you should learn to do. You should get into the habit of using your guitar pick on your fret fingers and strum the strings rather than pressing them down on the strings. This is a big tip.

If you are using the guitar pick to much or to hard, you may not able to get the notes down and this is really sad. You should always do your best with what you have and you can do it a lot with a little practice and patience.

#3 Don’t Press Too Hard

If you press down on the strings too hard, you may not able to get a clear and clean sound. Again, you need to learn the right way to do this. You can practice this by playing a note and slowly pressing the string down until you get a clear and clean sound.

#4 Learn The Guitar Chords

It is important to learn the different kinds of guitar chords. You need to be able to change between them fluidly and to play them easily and easily. This is usually challenging because it takes practice to be able to change between chords. Start learning the CAGED chords – C, A, G, E & D because this will allow you to play a lot of different songs.

Remember, whatever type of music you want to play, you need to learn the chords to practice playing them. You will be glad to know that there are lots of songs you can play with just these 4 chords.

#5 Enjoy Yourself

You need to enjoy what you are doing and to enjoy the sound of playing the guitar. You may not enjoy the whole ceremony, but the day to day business of entertaining people can be extremely lucrative.

#6 Network

You need to network within your community. You need to meet with people who can help you promote your music. You need to get to know people in your area who have what you need. If you are able to network successfully with people, you will be able to help you promote your band and get concerts.

#7 Be Diversified

You need to be able to play a little of everything. Master the guitar and be able to play a cassingle or moonwalk. Find out what you need to learn to be able to play different songs. There are a lot of song that can be played with just a few chords like biggest lots of rock songs that rock concerts are made of.

You also need to diversify by playing the blues and by playing the jazz. The blues is very slow and very melodic. The jazz tunes are the fastest of all tunes and are ever changing all the time. There are a lot of songs that are made specifically for jazz.

The point is to be able to play a lot of different stuff. Practice is the key to success. Learn to play the guitar with the help of jam tracks. These are great tracks specially if you want to play with other instruments. Playing with a team and playing with good music equipment and good set of musicians can be really enjoyable.

#8 Be a Helpful Member

Joining forums is a very good way to gain understanding about many problems that exist in music industry. Search for the forums that have members that are experienced in the music industry. Unlike the internet, forums are a good place to discuss things in an authentic way. It is a great place to ask questions and to build relationships.

#9 Be an Organizer

If you are good in keyword research, you can organize the content for the search engines. This can include saving as, slides, captions & putting your website on the index. It’s also a good way to drive traffic to your website.

#10 Develop your Band website.

Your band website is a great way to portray yourself as a professional act and to gather fans. The home page can be your page where you show your fans what your band does in your music. It should have links to your social networking profiles like Reverbnation, MySpace, Facebook or your personal web page.


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How to Tighten Skateboard Trucks

How to Tighten Skateboard Trucks: Best Tips for You

Almost every professional skateboarder knows how to squeeze their skateboard truck. Because they understand that the truck has a great influence on the stability of the skateboard when moving.

So what about those new to skateboarding? How to tighten skateboard trucks? Follow our sharing below to have the best way!

Why Do We Need To Tighten Skateboards?

Skateboards Are Unstable When Trucks Loosen

When the skateboard truck is loose, the wheels will not work stably. You will feel the truck easily sway and tilt. Even for beginners, skateboarding can easily fall.

You will not be able to control the skateboard well if it is constantly wobbling. Especially, on steep slopes and when the skateboard moves at high speed. The skateboard wheels will also be easier to bite.

When the skateboard truck is loose, the wheels will not work stably

The only thing you should do at this point is tightened the truck. When tightening the truck, the important joints will have a tighter connection. This makes the skateboard easier to control and less wobbly.

Tighten Up Your Skate Truck to Make It Easy for You to Control Everything

One thing that professional skaters know is that a tight truck will help stabilize the skateboard. It gives skaters an advantage in controlling the skateboard, especially beginners.

The tighter the skateboard truck, the more stable the skateboard moves. However, you should not tighten the truck too much. You should pull it moderately to make the control not too rigid.

After tightening the truck, the skateboard will work stably on the slopes and travel at high speed.

How to Tighten Skateboard Trucks?

To tighten the skateboard, we will perform the following 4 simple steps:

  • Step 1: Flip the Board Over
  • Step 2: Use a Wrench or Skateboard Tool to Tighten the Truck
  • Step 3: Check Settings Again
  • Step 4: Continue Fine-tuning and Finish

For professional skaters, these are simple steps. Maybe they’ve done it a hundred or a thousand times before.

But this job is probably entirely new for those who are new to skateboarding. To do this well, follow the steps below in detail:

Step 1: Flip the Board Over

First, we need to locate the bolts and nuts used to tighten the truck. This is an essential part of the connection between the deck and other devices.

It would be best if you turned the board upside down. Next, grab the truck by the handle and try to shake it. Feel free to tinker to see if they’re loose or too tight.

If they are too tight, then you should loosen them moderately. On the contrary, when they are loose and move a lot when impacted, you need to tighten the truck.

Step 2: Use a Wrench or Skateboard Tool to Tighten the Truck

When determining that the skateboard truck is loose, grab a wrench, skateboard tool, T skate tool, or a pair of pliers that fit over the central bolt. These are tools that can help you tighten your truck.

On the truck, there will be a lot of different bolts. Small bolts help connect the truck to the deck, so you hardly need to adjust them. What you need to tighten here is the enormous bolt. It is the central bolt that needs changing.

Put whatever tools you have that I mentioned above on the main bolt and start turning. You, please rotate clockwise to tighten the truck more.

Take and turn, then stop and test it. One piece of advice for everyone is not to tighten the truck too tight.

Step 3: Check Settings Again

After tightening, hop on your skateboard and move on. Please check its stability. If it is already stable enough and suitable for your operation, you may not need further adjustment.

When the truck is still not tight enough, it may wobble a bit and move is not stable. On the contrary, if the direction is too stiff, it is difficult for you to adjust the skateboard and its approach lacks flexibility. At this point, your skateboard is too tight.

Either way, you’ll need to make further adjustments.

Step 4: Continue Fine-tuning and Finish

As mentioned above, if you feel the skateboard moves appropriately, you can skip this step. However, everyone’s preferences are different, and you still want to adjust the skateboard tighter or looser.

The query proceeds in the same way as for the first time. You turn the skateboard upside down and use the tool to adjust the skateboard truck.


Although it is pretty simple to adjust the skateboard truck, the skateboard is an integral part of the skateboard’s movement. In this article, we have shared with you how to tighten a skateboard truck. Hopefully, through the above instructions, you can skate more professionally!


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Where Can I Learn Guitar – What Are My Options

Where Can I Learn Guitar – What Are My Options?

While not everyone may agree with the results of the options given to potential guitarists when they ask the question ‘Where can I learn guitar? What are my options?’, they are a very good place to start. It is a good idea to find out what is available to you, your current level of ability and how much money you have to spend. The options given to you may be very generic and they do not always work best for each individual person.

The best option is to opt for a course which is designed around your specific musical needs. There are thousands of guitar based courses available to suit all genres and all different levels of playing ability. You should choose the course which caters for your level and goals.

There are some very good computer courses which are available to help a person achieve the best levels of playing. The chances are if you are reading this article then you have an interest in learning the guitar or you would like to find out more about the options available to you. computer based courses are available on the internet and they are a very cost effective way of learning how to play. If you look around you will find lots of reviews of some very good courses which are very cost effective and reliable. Before you spend any money you really need to do your research and consider your level of ability and how seriously you want to pursue this.

If you are a person of a housewife then you do not have the time to commute to the local music school and learn to play the guitar. On the other hand, if you have your own schedule and can help set aside a regular time for practice that is great.

Finding a good course is relatively easy. If you are searching on the internet you should include in your search phrases phrases phrases such as ‘play guitar’, ‘guitar lessons’, ‘how to learn guitar’, ‘ intermediate guitar lessons’, ‘easy guitar songs’ or ‘house chords’. This will give you a huge list of possible websites to look at. Remember that any website which does not suit your needs will be closed down.

The play guitar, guitar lessonsand housework tips mentioned above all come under the heading of great advice but how do you actually find it within these short phrases of phrases?

Finding The Best Guitar GuideOnline

The guitar is very popular and with good reason. It is an incredibly versatile instrument. You can play solo or jam with just about any type of band or just pick up the guitar and play along with your favourite tunes. Because of the many options out there, it can be very difficult to find the right guitar tutorial for you. And how is a beginner to choose the right one?

The good news is that there are some fantastic online guitar courses out there which make finding the right guitar tutorial for you a lot easier. These courses are a lot less expensive than what you would pay for private tuition. One of the major advantages for those going the online route to learning the guitar is that you can do it at your own pace, after you have practised and mastered the basics.

If you do not have a close friend who can helped you with guitar then the best place to start is the internet. If you do not know anybody who plays the guitar, you should think about joining a website which teaches people how to play guitar.

You may find that there are throng of websites which offer different teaching methods, but only a few of them are of any value. A lot of these courses are aimed at guitarists of all levels. Before you invest in one, make sure that you do some research and know exactly what you are getting for.

Chris Standring’s Learn And Master Guitar is one of the courses available on the internet and if you are a beginner, he is the perfect one to start with. This course is aimed at the complete beginner, but intermediate guitarists should probably take a look at it as well.

Freniece Guitar is another online guitar tutorial set, but this is one of those sets that is more suitable for intermediate players. FreCAST is another online guitar tutorial outfit, but this tutorial is for those who are more intermediate and want to continue playing guitar.

If you are a guitarist who has been playing for a while, you should be able to gain something from the advice of a professional player or teacher. Once you know exactly how long you have been playing guitar, you might be able to decide whether or not you want to take the next step.


  • how to learning bass guitar
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How to Play by Tapping on the Guitar

How to Play by Tapping on the Guitar


For those of you who have never played a guitar before, you may want to try learning how to play a guitar. One of the most fun things to do with a guitar is learn some simple tunes and play them for friends and family. It is a blast to party night with a sing-along song that you know by heart. If you are wondering how to play a guitar or if you have some spare time to practice, here are a few tips that can get you started.

T posture

You need to sit up straight on the guitar bench with the guitar and your left foot on the foot-rest. The guitar will rest on your left leg (for right-handed players) and you should use your left hand and fingers for fretting and picking. For your right hand, you use your right hand fingers for fretting and your pick for picking. When you are strumming, you get a nice clear turntable sound, not that muddy, scratchy thing you get with DVDs and online tutorials.

G tuning

Before you play, you should tune your guitar. Electronic tuners are cheap and readily available at nearly any music store. Teaching yourself to tune the guitar by ear is fast and easy. Just tune the low E string and the high E string, the A string (second string) and the D string (first string). The A string is always the bottom string in your vicinity with the highest pitch. The E string is the A string’s upper neighbor.

H stands for hammer-on

A what is called a hammer-on is when you play a fret and use another finger to fret the same fret lower down. How do you do that? Look at the D string where you are fretting the 12th fret. You are using your index finger to play the 10th fret and your 3rd finger to play the 8th fret. To make the 11th fret, you will need to bring your finger from the top of the string to the bottom of the string – and by pressing down the 8th fret, you will put your index finger at the 12th fret.

Let it ring

You will need to do a slow, long note or a long plave. Play the first note slowly and repeat by using other fingers to fret the same exact note. You are trying to get the seamless sound of playing two notes in a row without having to move your fingers. After about half a second, pluck the second note by using your ring finger. Repeat the process by picking the string again.


You should start by playing frets one at a time. Use your middle finger to fret the first fret, your ring finger to fret the second, and your pinkie to fret the third. When you can do this, use your fingers to fret the next four frets, but leave your ring finger where it is.

Speed up

Keep in mind that the best way to learn a style is to practice slowly. If you try to play too fast, you will make so many mistakes that you won’t be able to play accurately. You need to practice so slowly that you can actually play well. Practicing accurately is way harder than playing slowly, so use this technique to perfect your skills.

universal strumming pattern

There are a variety of ways you can start learning a guitar chord. You can simply pick two or three to make up a pattern. You can string chop one chord and play the next. You can choose to play each chord separately, in order to learn them accurately, but it is better to learn them together. When you learn guitar chords in this way, you can simply play the split-string chords and not have to worry about keeping the right hand in the same position. The universal strumming pattern is one good way to learn guitar chords, once you master the chords. This is a good way to make sure you learn the correct strumming technique.

Guitar lesson DVDs

There are DVDs that you can buy that will be a good way to learn. You can choose the lesson completely depending on the way it fits into your schedule. Sometimes it is hard to exercise self-discipline, but there are some DVDs that will show you how to build self-discipline. You need to choose the DVD so that it is comfortable for you to watch. No one wants to learn an exercise that makes them feel uncomfortable or is going to make them feel like they are being forced to do it.

One of the best DVDs for learning to play the guitar is the Becoming a Rock Star. The DVD is accompanied by an book that you can practice at your convenience. This guitar lesson is so effective because it is created by a professional musician, Mike baseball, who managed to become a self-taught rock guitarist.

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How to Learning Bass Guitar

How to Learning Bass Guitar – Low Sounds For Setting the Mood


You may sometimes find yourself getting into playing something totally different when you listen to a piece. A change of tempo, a certain mood, melody, set of chords or just the overall idea of the piece can change the way you perceive the piece. Don’t be afraid to try new things, often new things can reveal an entirely new idea.

One of the things I love to do is play with the volume. A part of me is attracted to sounds when I’m working, when I can Vietnam on my mind, working on my busy desk. A perfect example was a band I worked with called “After Forever.” They did a song that used a program called Fruity Loops. I was hooked to this program and had to find anything Fruity Loops could help me with. I did a search for this band and happened across them. Their song had a looping bass part done in Fruity Loops.

I asked the singer which part of the Mississippi River and which part of “this” was being played for him and he showed me the bass part. Not fully understanding the whole idea, I asked, “What is looping?” He explained that looping is a term for passing a piece of sound or piece of music along or in looping. Basically, one part of the Mississippi River (one part) is repeated and repeated over and over. Other parts of the Mississippi River are being played, and the sound is passing from instrument to instrument like notes, or piano riffs, or guitar riffs – just about any instrument can be considered a looping instrument. For example, a stock car horn is used a lot for loops. Imagine a four-way traffic jam with all four horns going out of control, weaving all over the highway. At one point the horn has to go through a red light to take a green light, and it turns green to take a loop of the traffic lights and go straight to the next traffic light. This is looping the horn. It is a sound that is melodious and musical, a horn honed to a sharp edge.

A longer version of the bass part is the beginning of the song. This buildup and down fall of the bass is a good illustration of what happens when too many ideas and thoughts and fingers and ears are involved in the creation of one song.

The first chorus of the song is all about the contrast between a yearning and a yearning for another person, the yearning to be happy but the yearning for happiness within that person. The words are love, fine, truly, a fine yearning but it ispacedin the song. The horns and keyboards are supporting the vocals and the fine line between harmony and contrast is being drew ever so gently.

In the second chorus the contrast is now stronger, more determined. The keyboards are now in the forefront, they now are not supporting the vocals but rather they are supporting the lyrics and then the vocals. The horns have been added to the piano, so now its like the whole band is coming together and understand what the singer is saying, the emotions of the song are now Class A+ at this point, however, the beginning of the third chorus is still more determined than the previous two. The vocals are determined and are now singing, in their own right, their own melody.

In the forth chorus, what is going to make this section different, what is the key to making this section different from all the others, well the vocals, yes they are the key. The difference now is that the yearning and the yearning for happiness that was yearning in the fourth chorus is not only being now answered by the vocals, the answer is now being answered by the entire band, the entire band is now in on the idea and now the vocals are singing the word “yearning” as the music and the other instruments fade out, leaving the simple message and the simple idea of yearning ringing in everyone’s hearts.

The last act of the song, the reveal, is as simple as the word “show” which when translated into numbers, it means that the show has just begun. The word “show” tine then for the first time we see numbers on the page, it is the key to everything, the word “show” Turneth the show into a stage and when the word “yearning” turned tine then the show turned into a life. The word yearning has been turned into a catch 22 for all those followers of the “show” that was yearning. If you yearn no one will yearn for you. Beeware of this trap!

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Free and Legal Music Download Sites

Free and Legal Music Download Sites


This is a brief guide on free music download websites where you can download music files for free or for a small fee. It covers two categories: general music download sites and file sharing sites where you can download and/or share music files you have obtained from other sources ( brute force attacks and peer-to-peer operations ).

It is important to keep in mind that although there are many free music download websites out there, not all of them are legal. virus and trojans are often hidden in these files and installed by Others and plants, which is why it is essential to keep your own files safe.

As such, the following websites should be considered free legal music download websites where you can download music files for free or for a small fee where the authors of the music files hold the copyrights.

They have to be feel good for the artists and the free music download policy may even be laudable. Then, you too can feel good about supporting these websites with your hardly earned money.

Be aware that there are Hundreds of websites where you can download Music, but, the best way is to Research about the websites so as to avoid wasting your precious time and money for those websites that don’t reflect well on them.

The first website to attack you for downloading music illegally is the RIAA. This acronym stands for Recording Industry Association of America, and they file suits on behalf of the record companies and artists to educate you and make you aware that you are doing something wrong if you are downloading music illegally. The RIAA also reminds you that sharing songs across networks, or even downloading a single song is illegal.

The next thing to be aware of is the Kleptomancy, which is an illegal practice in which artists and bands make a bulk download of their music, and this is dangerous as it gives the bad guys an opportunity to Richard Duss one step ahead and plan future protests. Following that, Do not start anyformation or promotions with the below listed websites, as it is always best to stick to the main stream free music websites where you can find music for free or for a small fee.

If you want to download Free Music that is safe, do check out the N Giving website, as they have a special download area exclusively for giving away free music, games, movies, wallpaper, pictures, and other cool stuff. This may be a good way to download some free music, songs, and songs videos from Natures gifts.

If you need a place to download free music from some of the top free music websites onemonet date, visit My Free Downloads where you can download music safe and legal.  Also, be sure to read the How to download Free Music and Downloading tips and instructions.

However, most of the time the sites above are the main source for the latest music downloads. A great tip is to subscribe to a music downloads blog, where you will find the latest in new music downloads, albums, and singles. Please be sure to recycle your list regularly as the music sites on the blogs change quite often. And remember, never visit the home page of any website to download or download any music files.

Another great source today is the social networking sites where you can easily search for songs, albums, and videos. From here, you can browse through the different sites and decide which ones to download. The best thing about this is that you can download all kinds of music here, and this according to most expert sites, is safe and free from viruses, spyware, and other forms of malware.

Everything can be streamed in the various sites, and you can just listen to the songs without any charges. This according to most experts is the best choice as music can be streamed many times, and this will allow you to listen to your favorite songs without any charges. So, make sure that these sites are considered if you want to search for music downloads.

Aside from the sites mentioned above, there are many other sites offering huge music downloads. Be it the popular ones or the less known ones, just make sure that you take the advantage of the free legal music downloads offered by many sites. Sometimes, what we can count on the fingers is a maximum of ten of these free download sites a day.

source: https://fossbytes.com/10-best-free-music-websites-to-download-songs-legally/

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